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Sally Chinea

Within my personal practice I explore boundaries and preconceptions, in particular the distinctions between craft and fine art and gender stereotyping. I enjoy using craft practices, particularly the ones that are traditionally associated with women and domesticity, to create contemporary art. I often create subtle, yet playful interventions that because of their media, may be initially overlooked or misread, highlighting the understated, quite virtues and philosophies of craft and that often react to the establishment and the fast pace of twenty first century life and challenge our habits of looking.Within my own practice I manipulate and re-contextualize a wide variety of mundane, found and discarded materials to create a dichotomy between something which is worthless and something that is valued; value, created by the investment of manual labour, care, consideration and time.I now enjoy sharing many of these skills, working with various communities, running many workshops and art projects, both within the education system and in the wider community using creative ideas based on Repurposed, Recycled, Reused, Reclaimed, Upcycled within art.

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