Lisa Hawker

I love clay and the art that I have created for over twenty years hopefully reflects this passion. Since I started learning about this fantastic material at Southend College as it used to be called, I have been very fortunate to earn a living as a ‘professional’ artist, designer and sculptor working in the field of ceramics and other, mainly permanent, materials.

Curves and swirls in some form or another seem to dominate much of my work though they have become less obvious in more recent years. My projects seem to cross the barrier between realism and abstract and while I like to draw from life and produce something that looks realistic, I also appreciate the advantages of working more conceptually to create an outcome which may require more thought and exploration from the viewer.

Projects involving people seem to have dominated my working practice over the past few years and I really believe that Art in all its forms is the most powerful tool for engaging people, influencing positive change, and bringing about the regeneration of the built environment too. The work I create has to have depth and a reverence for people at its core.

In 2003 I formed a limited company so that I could more easily sub contract other artists to work as part of our team, which I did do regularly for a few years after this, when working on some larger community projects. Occasionally I still do.  I try to regularly keep in contact with other artists and designers to ensure we are up to date with materials and processes.

The materials I mostly work with, clay and mosaics, have naturally led me to the creation of Public art. Working with individuals and diverse groups of people, I have driven the creative element of many public/community art projects, with a heritage, health and wellbeing theme. The highest quality in design and creation underpins all of our projects, whether producing work to commission or working with communities.

While I am pleased to have my ‘messy’ clay studio at home in Rayleigh it is wonderful to come into the HOFS house now and work in a creative atmosphere with other artists. Being part of this vibrant space is inspiring me to develop my work further; I am designing present sculpture commissions for a number of clients, painting again, and am looking forward to initiating more exciting community projects with people at their heart.

Lisa Hawker


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